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The First Part: The First Chapter

Article (1): This law shall be called the Law of Insurance and Pensions.
Article (2): For the purpose of implementing the provisions of this law, the following terms and expressions shall have the meanings explained below.
The Republic: The Republic of Yemen.
Minister: The Minister of Insurance and Social Affairs.
Authority: The General Authority for Insurance and Pensions.
Authority Chairman: Chairman of the General Authority for Insurance and Pensions.
Board: The Board of Directors of the Fund.
Employer: All government administrative agencies and all public or mixed-sector entities who are subjected to the provision of the civil service law, or any other employer indicated by this law.
Insured party: The employee or labors in accordance with the provisions of this law.
Contributions: They are the shares of employer and the insured party in the defined insurances in according with the provisions of this law.
The Retired: He is the insured party whose his service has come to an end and eligible for a pension under the provisions of this law.
Dependent: He is the insured party's successor or the deceased retied person who's his benefits are benefitable for others after his death under the provisions of this law.
Benefits: The fiscal pensions which the insured party deserves or the dependent after his death under the provisions of this law.
Basic Salary: The defined wage for the insured party which defined contributions shall be paid in accordance with, under this law and shall not include the bonuses, and allowances or any other financial incentives.
Pension: The monthly pension pays which the insured party receives or employees at the end of his employment service or his dependents after his death under the provisions of this law.
Lump-Sum Payment: Total amount to be paid for the insured party or dependents then after in one total payment if he is not eligible to receive monthly retired pension under the provisions of this law.
Order: The implementation order for this law.
Period of enrollment: The period of employment during which an insured party was employed by, or was paid a salary by an employer subjected to the provisions of this law or previous pension and social security laws during while the insured party was enrolled in a social security program and contributions were paid in accordance with the provisions of these laws.
The period of Service not Included: The Period which is not included with the enrollment such as, to cease work without a permission, or any period of service that the employee has been paid for the ending of his services before the enacting of this law and the additional period of service after the insured party has reached the mandatory age of retirement.
Work-Related Injury: An Occupational illness or injury due to an accident happened through a work operation or as a result, and it shall include all accidents happened to the insured party at the road by the time he was going to his work or coming back with the conditions that he was going through the right direction unless it was out of his control.
Occupational Illness: Injury as a result an infection suffered by the insured party due to natural causes or chemical or biological substances available at the employment environment, and as a result to the nature of his tasks specified in accordance with table no. (2) Attached to this law.
The Injured: A person who has been injured as a result, with work-related injury.
Illness Disability: A person who has been injured by an illness or infection not part of work-related injury.
Permanent Total Disability: Each physical disability that permanently precludes an insured party from any gainful employment except old age illnesses shall not be included.
Permanent Partial Disability: Each disability stands partially and permanently against the insured party ability to be employed.
Percentage of Disability: Percentage of disability which the insured party being affected with, either being resulted from a direct injury or illness suffering or due to the occupational affection and to be specified in accordance with the percentages of disability defined in table no. (1) Included with this law.
Fund: Insurance and Pension Fund.

Article (3): Implementing the provisions of this law on:
A) Government employees and laborers appointed with permanent occupations accredited with the government budget and the employees at the public and mixed sector and the seconded employees officially for employment at Arab or foreign agencies or organizations.
B) Top management authority, the judicial authority members, and diplomat representatives, unless other particular legislation applied to.
C) Any other group or employers their laws and legislations pertaining to it.
Article (4): This law shall not be applied on:
1) Military and security individuals and officers.
2) The beneficiaries of social insurance law applied to the employees and laborers of private sector.
3) Any other group has special retirement legislation in contradiction with the previsions of this law.
Article (5): This law is including the following insurance applications:
A) Retirement, Disability, and survivor insurance.
B) Health insurance and work-related injury.
Article (6): The insurance shall be mandatory in according with the provisions of this law.
Article (7): The insured party shall not bear any share of insurance expenses except that was applied at this law.

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