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The Fifth Part: Health Care and Work-related Injuries - First Chapter: Work-related Injuries

Article (31): Work-related injuries insurance shall be financed from the following:
1) The monthly contributions which shall be paid by the employers with amount of (1%) of total monthly basic wages for their insured parties and be paid to the fund monthly in consequently.
2) Investment returns of this money.
Article (32): If the insured party has injured with actual work-related injury the employer shall take the following procedures:
1) Immediately administer the appropriate first-aid measures to the affected employee if medically required.
2) Immediately transfer the affected employee to an appropriate health care facility for treatment.
3) To conduct investigation of the injury and perform a complete written report of the injury with the safety and health care committee participation at the plant, describing in details the circumstances of incident with supporting statements by the witnesses and the affected employee if his physical condition permits. The report shall state weather the injury intentional on the part of the result of gross misconduct by the employee and to send a copy of the report to the Authority within one week at the most.
4) The Authority may also conduct its own investigation of the incident and its circumstances.
Article (33): The affected insured party or his representative must inform the employer or the Authority or any police station with any work-related injury caused his injury providing details of its nature, date, time, place, and circumstances applied to his incident.
Article (34): 1) The employer shall inform the Authority with each work-related injury was happened for the insured party within one week from the date of the incident and the affected person shall submit a copy of notification in accordance with the applicable form and to be signed by the health care and safety at the plant.
2) The employer shall inform the police with the death of insured party or gross incident which has happened to one of the insured parties which was made him disable to perform his duties or an incident which the aim from behind is a crime that is punishable by law and to be reported within one week time from the date of incident with exceptional of the work-related illnesses and the police shall discover the incident circumstances in details and the affected employee investigation report shall be stated if his physical condition permits and investigation shall specify if the incident as a result of intentional on the party or the result of gross misconduct and if the responsibility of the incident was caused by another person.
3) The employer shall inform the Authority and the health care and work safety committee with any work-related illnesses specified with included table no. (2) the insured party has been affected by, through his employment, within one week time after the illness was discovered medically and to submit a copy of the reporting form in accordance with the specified form, and the insured party affected with work-related illnesses may inform the Authority directly by any means if the employer didn’t do it.
4) The employer shall inform the Authority when the affected insured party has been cured and being allowed to perform his employment duties again in accordance with the form defined by the Authority.
Article (35): An employer shall provide medical examinations to employees who may be exposed to any of the occupational illnesses listed in schedule (2) attached to this law. These examinations shall be conducted on a periodic basis or at any time it was required for of health circumstances and labor vocational safety at the place of work.
Article (36): The Authority is considered to be responsible about the pension of the insured party during one year period from the date of ending his employment if the affection of the vocational illness has been appeared on him either to be on out of work duties or working-on with an industry that has no illnesses as a result.
Article (37): The Authority shall perform the record for the affection being informed and complete the procedures related to it and to pay the cash indemnity when total disability or partial disability or death verification.
Article (38): The insured party shall follow the instruction applied below through the affection and during the medical treatment period and that are the following:
1) To make himself available for treatment immediately through fifteen days period at the maximum from the date being affected or discovery of the vocational disease.
2) To follow the doctor instruction through the period of medical treatment which goes in consequential with technical and health care rules of medication and he shall carry-out those instructions and not to disobey.
Article (39): The defined illness’s vacations for the insured party affected by a work-related injury shall be determinated and the period of his injury shall be treated as usual vacation by law and his cash indemnity shall be determinated at the following conditions:
A) If the affected employee intentional injured himself.
B) If the injury resulted from intentional gross misconduct on the part of the affected employee include:
1- Any action taken by the insured party under the influence of narcotic drug or alcohol.
2- Any clear infraction of vocational health and safety rules issued as warnings posed in writing or by verbal warnings at the place of work.
C) If the affected insured party didn’t make himself available for treatment for a period more than fifteen days from the date of affection without any satisfactory reason.
D) If he didn’t strictly follow the instruction of his physician which is in acting with the technical rules for the medicine profession or if he has acted in reverse to the instruction applied through the medical treatment.
E) If the insured party leaves Yemen or travels from one area to another without informing the medical party and as a result a treatment interrupt has occurred and caused an expected extra illness’s symptoms.

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