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The Third Chapter: The Financial Provisions for the Injured Person

Article (43): If the insured party service has come to an end with death or entire permanent disability as a result of work and that was approved, the pension salary shall be installed with (100%) of last total wage (basic salary + allowances) whatever the actual service period was, in addition to a cash compensation equal (39,000) Rials to be paid in one payment for the injured or his dependents after him.
Article (44): If the injury applied as a result a partial permanent disability, the Authority shall pay for the injured person a cash compensation in one payment equal to the percentage of that disability of the entire permanent disability compensation.
Article (45): The percentage of the disability shall be estimated in accordance with what is specified in the attached table no. (1) of this law.
Article (46): For the purpose of the cash compensation amount for the work-related injuries, the value of compensation of the death or the total permanent disability shall be evaluated with an amount (39,000) Rials in condition that the employer contributions was paid in work-related injuries insurance specified in this law.
Article (47): It may with a resolution from the Prime Minister after the Ministers Council approval in accordance with the Minister application and Minister of Health to amend table of specification and evaluation of the grade of disability no. (1) and table of occupational illnesses no. (2) attached to this law.

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